Accessibility Group

Terms of Reference

The Accessibility Group formed to facilitate a sharing of good practice for library staff who support disabled customers.

ChairsSarah George (University of Bradford) and Jane Henshaw (Leeds Conservatoire)

Remit of the Group:

  • To enable equal access to information & resources for disabled customers.


  • Staff with responsibilities for/interest in disabled customers of the libraries within Academic Libraries North.

The group's purpose is:

  • To share best practice, knowledge & experience, which will be achieved via the Accessibility JISCMail group

  • Face-to-face meetings to be held at least once a year, hosted & chaired by member libraries on rotation

  • To explore new initiatives which would enhance the library experience of disabled customers

  • To act as an advisory group for Academic Libraries North projects on accessibility issues, as required

Previous Projects:

Enabling Group Benchmarking Survey

In January 2020 the then Northern Collaboration Enabling Group carried out an extensive benchmarking survey among our member institutions, covering a wide range of elements involved in inclusive library support. 

The completed surveys contain several examples of good practice and a number of common themes and trends in inclusive library support also emerge.  

A version of the Benchmarking Survey Report is available for download from the link above.