Associate Directors Network

The ALN Associate Directors Network is chaired by Tom Peach (York St John University) and Kirsty Carver (University of Bradford). 

Terms of Reference

The ALN Associate Directors Network (ADN) is a professional peer forum for discussion, knowledge sharing and development. It will harness collective experience, expertise, and ambition to the benefit of individual members, their institutions, and ALN. The aims of the group are as follows: 
•    To provide a supportive peer-led forum for the sharing of best practice and personal development.   
•    To enrich leadership capability and resilience in member libraries by supporting the leadership development of associate directors (and equivalent). 
•    To act as a critical friend to the Board and its member institutions and to actively contribute to both the development and implementation of strategy (particularly in relation to areas not covered by other networks). 
•    ADN members will be nominated by the Director of each institutional member. 
•    There will be one representative from each member organisation. 
•    Members of the ADN should be Deputy or Associate Directors (or equivalent). 
•    Membership should be regularly refreshed either as a result of promotion or through rotation at an individual organisation. 

Expectations of Convenors 
•    The convenors will develop and maintain a dynamic and engaging network with value and relevance to its members and to ALN. 
•    Ensure the Network is outward facing and forward looking enabling continued relevance. 
•    Work in partnership with other ALN groups and the Board in response to shared challenges and opportunities. 
•    The two convenors will be selected from the members of the ALN ADN. 
•    Act as convenor for a period of 2 years; their terms will be staggered to provide continuity and support the ADN’s own succession planning. 
•    Provide a yearly report on ADN activity for the ALN Board. 
•    Facilitate the ADN’s contribution to the development of ALN strategy. 
Expectations of ADN members 
•    Members will share professional and institutional experience, knowing that it will be treated in confidence. 
•    Members will communicate the work of the Network back to their organisation and at 
professional events. 
•    Members will help shape and prioritise ADN activity. 
•    Members will actively participate and engage with the Network, through challenge and support. 
•    Members may be asked to join task and finish groups to support the delivery of the ALN Strategy. 
•    Member institutions will cover travel and expenses costs associated with ADN membership. 
•    Members will actively engage with the ALN strategy from development through to implementation. 
In practice 
In order to fulfil the potential of the Network: 
•    It is a safe environment in which challenge and stretch are balanced by support. 
•    Up to three meetings per year with two of the meetings being digital in order to facilitate attendance. 
•    Networking opportunities are provided through a range of mediums including events, 
meetings and digital channels.