User Experience CoP

User Experience CoP

The UX Community of practice is more than just sharing knowledge, good practice and ideas.  It aspires to be a learning partnership amongst practitioners with a common interest (UX) who share experiences, learn from each other and build a sense of community.  We are open to library staff from a range of backgrounds, whether that be in academic liaison, customer services, systems, metadata and collections and also a range of experiences.  
The group is chaired by Alison Sharman (University of Huddersfield) and vice-chair Jenny Morgan (Leeds Beckett University).  

Definition of UX

UX is finding out about the behaviour and experiences of our users as they interact with our libraries.  It uses ethnographic methodologies to give us information on how our services and resources are being/not being used, highlighting not only positive experiences but frustrations and dissatisfaction on behalf of the user, pinpointing why this might be so.  Through data analysis, ideation and protyping we can then start to identify and make the necessary changes or come up with new designs to ensure our services, products and spaces are truly user centred. 

Terms of Reference

Remit of the group
•    To be a learning partnership amongst practitioners with a common interest in UX.  It will be a forum to share experiences, knowledge, learn from each other and build a sense of community.  This will be achieved via

o    The ALN UX JISCMail group
o    Meetings to be held at least three times a year, hosted and chaired online; virtual coffee meetings held between meetings and one hour training sessions on UX methodology. 
o    The ALN UX CoP Teams channel through which members can share documents, ideas and experiences

•    To explore, share and learn UX techniques which would enhance the library experience for users and customers using a shared learning approach
•    To act as an advisory group ALN projects on UX, as required
•    To share expertise from other relevant groups e.g. UXLibs
•    To publicise the work and expertise of the group at a national level


Membership: individuals from libraries within ALN who are involved with or have an interest in User Experience UX within their institution and who are responsible for reporting back on activities of the group. The group aims to create a supportive atmosphere underpinned by honesty, trust and confidentiality with the ethos of “No question is too stupid”.

The Group is open to individuals from a range of backgrounds including discovery interfaces, customer services, faculty librarians etc. All levels of experience in UX are welcome.